Welcome to Price Discovery!

We are modernizing the way we deliver revenue program prices. As part of the effort, we are launching a public beta version to gather user input during the development process. We will release new tools to look-up prices over the next few months. These include:

  • Quick look-up for individual prices checkmark
  • Custom query tool checkmark
  • Data Service and data export features checkmark

  • Mobile-friendly website

  • Online help for new and advanced users

A public beta website is a new way for us to develop an application. We will aggressively release features to the public in order to gather input and that means there are going to some bugs here and there. We will support the legacy Price Discovery Reporting application until this new project is finished. If something doesn’t look right here, you can still use legacy to get data.

For this project to be the most successful, we need your input! Use our Feedback page to give us ideas, bug reports, comments, criticisms, or maybe even a compliment or two.

Try our first tools.